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how to write paragraphs in essay body

how to write paragraphs in essay body

After the introduction come the physical body paragraphs. They generally take up most of the essay.

Paragraphs contain three sections that are main

  • Point: the sentence that is topic which describes the main focus (main point) for the paragraph
  • Illustration: explanations, evidence, and examples that reinforce the main point
  • Explanation: evaluation for the illustration or discussion of their significance and connections between this paragraph and
    • the thesis statement
    • nearby paragraphs
  • The acronym PIE (which is short for Point/Illustration/Explanation) can be helpful to remember as a guide for developing well-structured, coherent paragraphs. Academic paragraphs are usually at the least three sentences long, but can be longer. However, don’t make those sentences too long. As a rough guide, a sentence longer than three lines is too long.

    All paragraphs ought to be focused: they should discuss only 1 major point. That point should relate solely to the overall focus associated with the essay (as described when you look at the thesis statement).

    The main point of a paragraph is usually called the >essay that is controlling.

    Body paragraphs will frequently start out with a listing of the >essay that is controlling.

    The rest of the paragraph supports that main point (the topic sentence), by explaining it in more detail, giving an example, or citing evidence that reinforces it.

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